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repair Our Online prices are Discounted compared to our usual In-Store prices! These prices cannot be obtained when booked in-Store or over the phone. (Online Prices include VAT)

MOT Testing

  • In-store 5% Off all test fees
  • Online Booking – 12.5% off all test fees


  • Fixed-price Servicing when booked online only
  • Cheaper than in-store Servicing prices

Air Conditioning

  • Online Booking – 10% Off Re-Gas & Service

3D Wheel Alignment

  • Online Booking – 5% Off Front Toe Adjustments

Wash & Valetting

  • Online Booking – 6.5% Off All Wash & Valet options

Computer Diagnostics

  • 7.5% Off Engine Management & Airbag Diagnostic Testing

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