Clutch & Transmission

At West Harrow Garage Ltd, we are equipped to handle all nature of clutch repairs.

Apart from the engine and the gearbox, the clutch is probably the most important component in your vehicle. Without it, you would not be able to smoothly change gear and you would not be able to engage the engine properly.

Are you finding it hard to engage gear? Hear that classic crunching noise? Sometimes a failed clutch will make it impossible to engage any gear at all. Juddering during the pull-away can also be a tell-tale sign. However, the most definitive sign is a noticeable burning smell. That smell tells you that the clutch is under severe strain and may need to be checked.

Another good clue is if the RPM increases when you press the throttle, but your vehicles speed does not increase at a similar rate. Burned out clutches fail to fully transfer the engine’s power to the wheels.

The condition of the clutch system affects the overall performance of your car or van. A worn clutch will increase your fuel consumption, costing you money, and it’ll make your car less powerful too. If you let it get too bad, your car may lose drive completely.

If you suspect that there is a problem with your clutch or transmission, feel FREE to pass by and let us carryout a road test to get to the bottom of the fault.