Online booking with West Harrow Garage

You can book directly into our booking diary using our live online booking system. To get started, click the link below.

Book online

Its quick and easy to book your vehicle in for any of the following services below via our LIVE 24/7 Online Booking
platform (All prices shown are inclusive of VAT)

  • Please Note – If you are a new user to our online booking system, you do not need to ‘LOGIN‘ – simply select the booking type you require and follow the on screen prompts. Once you have completed your first booking your user account will have been created. Thereafter simply click ‘LOGIN‘ to enter into your user account to speed up making future booking etc.
  • If you’d like to provide any additional contact information, please add it to the notes field during checkout.
  • Discounted Prices when booked Online! You’ll only get these prices when booking Online – In-store and over the phone prices will be at our standard rates
  • No longer listen to an engaged dial tone when trying to contact us
  • Bookings made Online automatically enter into our Workshop Diary allowing you to customise the job as much as you’d like, and with as many notes as you would like.
  • Confirmation and Reminder email/text sent once booked
  • Use the ‘General‘ button to book routine work if its easier for you – leave all your instructions for the repairs & checks in the notes section. We will cost you up over the phone or via email thereafter once the work has been inspected.