EU Tyre Labelling Legislation

The EU tyre label provides important information about safety and environmental aspects of a tyre. Similar to the energy label found on kitchen appliances, the EU tyre label makes it easy to compare tyres in terms of wet grip, fuel efficiency and noise.

Tyre Label
What is tyre labelling?
As previously mentioned, a new piece of EU Legislation came into force which meant that every new tyre sold within Europe must be labelled – much like a fridge, freezer or even light bulb. So, since November 2012 the following label has been seen when shopping for new tyres:

Tyre types

You will notice that it bears a remarkable resemblance to the labels used for electric goods in the EU. However, unlike the electrical labels, the tyre label doesn’t focus on energy ratings. It shows you the grade given to 3 important categories that should be considered when choosing a tyre:

• Fuel Efficiency
• Wet Grip
• External rolling noise
For a more in-depth look at the label itself, and what each section means, visit our garage